Hifz e Quran with
Experienced Ullama e Karam


1. Hifz Regular

Regular Hifz is the most popular an important segment in all, As we offer Quran classes along Regular subjects such as English, Urdu and Maths. It’s on parents will to opt Quran Memorization or Regular Academics with Nazra Quran. Students are guided and equipped with the most recent gadgets and qualified teachers. It is also helps the students to achieve their targets in specific period with academics.


2. Special Hifz

This segment is directly supervised by Eminent Ullama of society. We offer memorization of Quran solely in this segment so a child can memorize the Holy Quran in a short span of time.


3. Fast track

Its a very special program in which only those students enroll who wish and capable of completing hifz e Quran in a very short span of time. Some features of this program:

  • Minimum holidays.
  • Six days a week program.
  • Extended hours of hifz till 1630 hours.
  • Strict vigilance of progress of hifz.
  • Co-curricular activities.

4. Rapid Classes for HUFAZ and hafizaat:

Rapid Classes for hufaz and hafizaat are innovative and dynamic programs tailored to meet the unique learning needs of both young boys and girls. some features:

  • Hafiz and Hafizaat who wants to complete their schooling in short time are eligible for this program.
  • Semester based learning.
  • Strong hifz girdan program.
  • Strict invigilance of progress of hifz.
  • Experienced Faculty.