Rules and Regulations


All students must observe the school rules strictly within the school premises as well as during the official visit to other institutions or places. Violations of rules makes every student liable to punitive action, even to the extent of expulsion from the school.

The students are, therefore, advised to strictly adhere to the following rules:

  • Act gracefully and modestly both in and outside the school.
  • Be courteous towards the peers, teachers, management and visitors.
  • Accept responsibilities willingly as and when given by the teachers.
  • Neither bring precious items like camera, transistors, jewellery and mobile phones during school timings. Nor any outsider may bring these within the school premises without the prior permission of the Head of the school.
  • Students must arrive at school in time and are not allowed to leave before the closing time except in extraordinary situations on the written request of the parents and with the approval of the Head of the school.
  • In a class, if a student shows any symptoms of sickness, he/she will be immediately segregated and parents will be informed.
  • No relative or servants will be allowed to come in between study hours bringing the pupil’s forgotten breakfast and other articles of use, as this causes a lot of disturbance. The chowkidar at the gate will also be told not to carry any such articles to any class, so please do not leave anything with him.
  • If a problem arises, the parent must go straight to the Principal and not contact any teacher without his/her permission. Any discussion regarding the academics aspect of the pupil will be done in the Principal’s office with the teachers concerned between 0830 to 1000 hours after making an appointment with the Principal.
  • At 1400 hours when the school gives over, all parents are requested to wait in the compound. The servants must be told that they must wait at the gates only. Under no circumstances should the parents/servants rush in the with the bell and gather in the corridors to collect their children. Your children must find you either at the gates or in the compound.
  • The management of the school will not be responsible for the safety of the children if they are not collected by 1430 hours the latest. Parents / Guardians are requested to note that if their children remain on the school premises after the aforesaid time; they shall be doing so at their own risk. The school management is also not responsible for any untoward incident or mishaps occurring before or after school hours.
  • Monthly fee must be paid in before the due date of the month failing which twenty five marks shall be deducted from the child’s respective monthly report.
  • Fee are payable in the designated branch of the bank as mentioned in the challan. No cash is accepted in the campus. In any extra ordinary situation, the campus is only allowed to collect cheque in favour of Uloom n Hikmah two days before the due date.