About Us

About Uloom n Hikmah

Uloom n Hikmah has been established by ambitious people whose vision expands beyond the ordinary and the obvious.
This aim is to provide oorld calss education with a clear vision to bring up a strong personality of a true Muslim through a nurturing, caring and challenging learning environment.
The objective is achieved through inculcation of Islamic and national values and nurturing balanced behavious in the students. This challenging task is being undertaken by role model teachers / Qaris with extensive experienced and specialized training. The idea is to produce a confident person with a competitive knowledge base, who is able to think, evaluate and distinguish truth from false and to be capable enough to meet global challenges.


A systematic, comprehensive and integrated program of learning studies has been designed that covers both Islamic values and contemporary education at all levels viewing international standard.
UnH curriculum helps children to become enthusiastic learners. Children learn better through active involvement with their environment, which promotes independence and fosters decision making. Top line booklist has been selected for all subjects.
Special stress has been laid on English language. Modern linguistic techniques are systematically used for developing skills of spoken and written English.